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I’m just your average American woman who occasionally gets too consumed with my waistline, the size of my butt, and the jiggle in my thighs. Let’s be real – many women suffer from a regular weight fluctuation of 3-7 pounds, which is why we rotate through our “skinny” and “fat” jeans so often.

One day I found myself overweight, always sick, and miserable. I rarely enjoyed food. I was either starving or plagued with guilt because I actually ate something substantial. I decided it was time to take control of my body and the food I ate.

I realized the problem wasn’t me, or with my body. The problem is that we’ve been brainwashed into believing the foods we eat are safe and healthy when in fact, most of the food we eat is toxic. The American food system is corrupt and much of the food we eat is banned and deemed unsafe in other countries. The food that’s supposed to be making us healthy is actually making us fat and sick. Processed food is linked to a host of chronic health conditions, like thyroid disease, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Even worse, we’ve come to accept these diseases as normal. We’re literally eating ourselves to death, slowly, and racking up a pile of medical bills in the process.

These days I work to avoid all the processed, packaged, canned, and frozen stuff as much as possible. I meal prep and cook. I make my own coffee and tea, I tote around my own healthy meals, and I avoid the glazed, cream-filled, salted and fried stuff in the break room. I make every effort to shop local and support organic farmers, and I have a home garden year around.

I work hard to make sure my meat is grass-fed, free-range, wild-caught, sustainably raised, organic, humane – you get the idea. I make a conscious choice about how I spend my money. If I go to a big “non-food” store, I give my hard-earned cash to brands I trust.

I honor my body and the people I love by spending time to create delicious, wholesome meals. I eat slower, I savor my food, and I love every minute of it.

Guess what? My weight has been been mostly stable for about 2-years now – I wear the same size pants every day of the week! I don’t obsess about what I’m going to eat today, or feel guilty about my choices tomorrow. I have more energy. I’m more creative. I’m more confident. I’m healthy!

Sure, it’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it. And it can be affordable too, I promise.

Yes, life is busy, and hectic, and sometimes overwhelmingly hard, but you can live healthy, eat well, and resonate energy and light. Eat better and you’ll feel better!

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  • I’m a lover and believer in growing real food, right in the dirt, with organic and sustainable methods. Imagine if backyard gardens were as common as microwaves!
  • I love food and sharing my kitchen creations with others. 
  • I believe in cooking with whole, real, ingredients using as few boxes and cans as possible.
  • I’m devoted to helping others cook real food and helping them find ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle with a busy lifestyle.
  • I’m a little sweet and a little sassy but always striving to shine bright.



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