Educator of the Year Awards Ceremony

Excellence in Education Awards Ceremony
By Robyn Bera

In recognition of their outstanding teachers, staff, and programs within Lake County schools, the annual Educator of the Year and Excellence in Education awards ceremony was held on Saturday November 16at the Soper Reese Theatre. The annual event honored educators and community members who inspire and teach with passion, innovation, and a commitment to excellence.

County Superintendant of Schools Brock Falkenberg adds, “The evening is a chance to recognize the great capacity that exists within Lake County schools to support the educational needs of our children.”

The evening concluded with a short video presentation which highlighted photos of each award winner.

“The classroom is a really special place,” adds Falkenberg. “It’s important that we take time each year to honor those passionate and committed to excellence in education. For every educator honored tonight, there are many more that go unrecognized for their hard work. Teaching takes effort. Thanks to all of those that continue to make the effort each and every day.”

Putting on a dress and heels is fun and all, but getting a byline on a press release is way cooler! I have a pretty heavy stack of published articles to account for, but that stack certainly always has room to grow.

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