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“It’s never been easier to get locally grown and produced organic products,” said Manager, Robyn Bera.  “Our model supports everyone — our producers, customers and owners. And it keeps our dollars more local.”

Co-op Offers Local Organic Farmers’ Market Option

At a time when farmers’ markets around Lake County are in full swing, Lake Co-op Manager, Robyn Bera, wants to remind the public that Lake Co-op offers farmers’ market fresh Lake County produce and other grocery items through their weekly online ordering website at Lake Co-op continues to expand their products and now include health and beauty products produced locally, as well as imported exotic teas and spices, bananas, avocados, and mushrooms for their customers…

Lake Co-op has 12 easily accessible pick up points around Lake County, offers home/office delivery and also has a “pop up” store with overage and other local delectables in downtown Lakeport at the Lake Made store next to Watershed Books, at 307 N. Main Street, on Thursdays from 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm.

Lake Co-op is California’s only cooperatively owned online food ordering system and seeks to strengthen Lake County’s local food system through congregating organic products of local and regional producers, including fresh produce, value-added foods such as rice, beans, flour, cheeses, oils, and baked goods … Lake Co-op offers its customers convenient online or telephone ordering, home or office delivery, and owner discounts.

“You’ll see some of the same products available at the local markets this time of year, but we have an expanded variety of items and even produce from some of our local farmers’ who don’t vend at the local farmers’ markets,” Bera said. “Fresh raspberries, chard, collards, kale, radishes, turnips, lettuce, baby rainbow carrots, cabbage (green and Napa), flats of wheat grass, walnuts and more are available this time of year, in addition to the value-added products such as local olive oils, breads, wheat flour and vegan mushroom fudges.”

“Robyn is our fearless leader, a bright spirit matches that bright dress!”

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